Godric Clevertongue

Goodvoice of the Orlmarth


Godric is a worshipper of Issaries, and a member of the Redleaf bloodline. He serves on the clan ring as the Goodvoice, acting as the herald and messenger of the clan and helping conduct trade when merchants come to town. As his name suggests, he is good at persuading people of things. He is the wealthiest man in the clan, but that’s not saying much.

LIke all Redleafs, he is deeply traditionalist, and typically appeals to the example of the ancestors to make his arguments. He is also a bit of a hot-head and often argues that the clan should take risks. He is known to dislike the Ulfilings. However, he also argues that trade should be more important to the clan, and has grudgingly supporting efforts to establish a clan market, even though it has meant tolerating the Arnorings on the tula.

A few years ago, Godric persuaded the clan ring that they should replace Hrut Ramshead with his brother Aldwulf Plowstrong, because the clan needed to improve its farming. Because of this, Morganeth, Hrut’s wife, dislikes him.


Godric Clevertongue

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