Gisli Blacksheep

Orlmarth Eurmali


Gisli Blacksheep is a member of the Ulfiling bloodline, of Ulfketil’s Stead, and so is a distant cousin of the PCs. Ever since Ulfhelm the Curser cursed his sons, his bloodline has produced one Eurmali every generation, and Gisli is the current one. He is bonded to his cousin Yaneg, and therefore has a place in the clan, but he is not well-liked, even in his own bloodline. He is a notorious liar and thief, and delights in talking about the secret things most people would prefer not see the light of day. However, because clan magic is stronger when there is a Eurmali on the clan ring, he is a member of the ring, although his contribution to the debates of the ring is dubious most of the time.

Gisli has a habit of disappearing when he wants to get out of performing unpleasant clan duties or when he travels with Yaneg. He disappeared during their first visit to Runegate, and shortly before a ritual performed against Valind, and during a visit to the Antorling tula. On that third occasion, he was found with the Eurmali Lumpy, having killed an alynx. Under duress, he eventually admitted that it was a secret Eurmali ritual, but wouldn’t say what it was for.

In 1617, he spread rumors about Grimcarl Thangbrandsson being involved in a plot to force Yrnar out of the chieftancy and killing and eating babies.


Gisli Blacksheep

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