Gertha Blackshadow

Sorrowful Ernaldan


Gertha is the widow of Sven Finvarsson, a cousin of Fintan Finnsson. She was originally an Antorling, and a promising Ernaldan healer. When her husband decided to travel to northern Sartar to fight the Lunars, she elected to go along and provide support. Sadly, Sven was killed during battle and she was raped by a Lunar soldier. She returned home a broken woman, and soon acquired her byname of ‘Blackshadow’. Rather than returning home to her birth family, she chose to stay at Luckstone Stead and raise the son she bore, Sindri.

Sindri’s initiation into the cult of Humakt was extremely hard on her, but she was glad to see him return to Luckstone Stead as one of Finn’s thanes.

Gertha is still a skilled healer, but seems perpetually distracted, and is known to sit and stare off into the distance for long periods of time.


Gertha Blackshadow

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