Finna Finnsdottir

Wife of Asbjorn Thrice-born


Finna is the daughter of Finn Ulfilingsson, and is therefore the aunt of Rahl and the other PCs. She is the wife of the great warrior Asbjorn Thrice-born, a staunch supporter of Leika Ballista. Asbjorn and Finna are both solid followers of Orlanth and Ernalda, and are deeply concerned about the spread of the Lunar Way among their clan.

They dwell at Asbjorn’s Stead on the Taraling tula.

The PCs met Finna on their journey to Runegate. She gave them good hospitality and information about her clan, as well as an escort. She has always been a good host and provide the PCs with information, and suggested to her husband that the PCs should kill the Red Bear.


Finna Finnsdottir

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