Enderin Dragonslayer

Young Son of Gordanger


Enderin is the son of Gordanger. He is about two years younger than the PCs. He was kidnapped by the Greydogs but rescued by the PCs. He is clearly friendly to Sindri.

Sindri, Tryggvi, and Asta escorted him to Swordvale to woo Salyn, the daughter of King Thanos. Along the way they encountered a pair of dragonewts at the Dragonewt Plinth, and Enderin slew one of them. Sindri made a set of dragonewt leather armor for him.

In 1615, shortly before he was to wed Salyn, he fell under the spell of a traveling Ulerian and ran off to Runegate to be with her. He was eventually persuaded to return home and marry Salyn.


Enderin Dragonslayer

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