The Necromancer


Little is known about Delecti the Necromancer. He is thought to have already been in the Upland Marsh when the Colymar settled in Dragon Pass. He is a magician of enormous power, though whether he worships a chaotic god or is a sorcerer is unknown. He is the undisputed ruler of the Upland Marsh, and everything that dies in the Marsh returns as a zombie. Only the ducks know how to safely navigate the Upland Marsh.

The Orlmarth call him the Thing with Many Bodies, and he has plagued them since their arrival.

Delecti slew and re-animated Queen Lismelder, founder of the Lismelder tribe, and many think that he also slew Indrodar Greydog when that Humakti hero entered the Marsh to search for his queen.

In 1602, the night before the battle of Runegate, Delecti apparently sent an army of zombies to attack the town first, badly weakening it so that the Lunars could destroy it the next day. What his motive for this was is unknown. In 1613, Delecti apparently sent minions to recover the Summer Sword, for unknown reasons.



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