Darsten Black Oak

Thuggish supporter of Kangharl


Darsten Black Oak is a weapon thane of the Taraling clan, and a kinsman of Kangharl Kagradusson. He abandoned the worship of Orlanth in favor of Doburdan, the Good Storm God of the Lunars, who are encouraging the worship of Doburdan in an effort to supplant Orlanth. Darsten is head of a company of Doburdani known as the Black Oaks, who are based at Runegate.

The PCs first encountered him when they were helping Magra perform a peacemaking hero quest. He confronted Magra but was overcome by her Harmony magic. Then they humiliated him when he was sent to kill Gringle Goodsell. When they went to recover Enderin Dragonslayer, who had run off to Swordvale because he had fallen in love with a Ulerian, they ran into a group of Black Oaks who briefly trapped them in Geo’s Runegate Inn.

Later, Kangharl sent Darsten and Erianda the Red to kill Gringle Goodsell in Apple Lane. The PCs rescued Gringle and escorted him to Quackford.

In 1616, Darsten demanded the return of the skin of the Red Bear from the Orlmarths, who refused to give it.

In 1617, he and the Black Oak Troop got drawn into the Orlanth the Justice-Bringer quest, and repeatedly tried to stop them, but to no avail.


Darsten Black Oak

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