Dagmar Fintorlssdottir

Grim God-talker of the Ulfilings


Dagmar is the daughter of Fintorl Finnson, who died at the Battle of Runegate, and Vinilda Rokorlssdottir. She and her twin sister Asta embody the light and dark sisters Ernalda and Maran Gor, with Dagmar taking after Maran Gor. At her adulthood rites, it became clear that she was called by Maran Gor, and Morganeth agreed that she should be sent to train at Maranaba, in Tarsh. After a year of training, she returned home. Sometime later, Morganeth determined that she had the potential to be a god-talker, and has begun to train her in those skills.

Many within the clan are uncomfortable with the presence of a Maran Gori in the clan, but Morganeth has said that Dagmar is not the first member of the clan to follow that dark goddess.


Dagmar Fintorlssdottir

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