Cwenalda Brown Hare

Former Antorling Lawspeaker


Cwenalda is the Lawspeaker of the Antorlings. Like the rest of her bloodline, she converted to the worship of the Red Goddess and became a worshipper of Irripi Ontor.

After Sindri pronounced the Doom of the Antorlings, Theomakt accused her of being a chaos worshipper. Cwenalda denied the accusation. When Howling Aethelmar came to the tula, he said he could sense chaos on the Brown Hare stead and began killing them. Maelwynn declared that the Brown Hares were now outlaws to the clan and gave them two days to leave the tula.

Cwenalda led the Brown Hares to the Enjossi, who agreed to adopt them into the clan. She told the PCs information about the Antorling failed quests. Tryggvi agreed to answer a question of similar worth at some point in the future.


Cwenalda Brown Hare

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