Bornwulf Bornhelmsson

Former Thane of the Arnorings


Bronwulf is a thane of the Arnoring clan, and a worshipper of Valind, the unruly god of Winter. He refuses to embrace the Lunar Way and is disgusted by Armin Pot-Thrower’s decision to do so.

He approached Yaneg and Blakradit about having his family adopted into the the Orlmarth clan. He led them to the Arnoring clan’s Orlanth Stones, where Savan Thundermaker called Orlanth out from them. They also took the Wind Horn, one of the clan’s treasures.

After Bornwulf’s kin were adopted into the Orlmarth, he became the headsman of the Winterling bloodline.


Bornwulf Bornhelmsson

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