Bofrost the Shaman

Hillhaven Chieftain and Shaman


Bofrost is the chieftain of the Hillhaven clan. He is a shaman of Kolat, rather than a worshipper of any god. He refuses to say his own name. He is known for wandering the woods entirely naked.

Tryggvi, Dagmar, and Rahl met him while searching for some lost sheep. He gave them a spirit charm that helped them defeat a broo shaman who was trying to summon Malia at a cave on the Hillhaven tula. He later conducted a ritual at which they gambled with spirits for spirit charms.

Later on, when it was revealed that Tryggvi had brought evil spirits onto the Orlmarth tula by making sacrifices to Karjakan, the clan paid Bofrost to perform a ritual against Karjakan. At that time, when he met them, he said “We will meet three times, once as friend, once as client, and once as enemy.”

In 1617, the prophecy came true when the Vostangi demanded that the PCs avenge them against the Hillhavens for Mad Ovad’s crimes. Bofrost refused to acknowledge the claim of the Vostangi, forcing the PCs to conduct the Lawstaff quest.


Bofrost the Shaman

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