Alric Dogsbane

Orlmarth Chief Weaponthane


Alric Dogsbane is Gordanger’s cousin. He is a tall man in his 30s. He is a skilled warrior, usually considered the third-best warrior in the clan, after Beornwyn and Sindri. He is the Chief Weaponthane of the clan, responsible for leading the weaponthanes in battle.

He is a staunch friend to Gordanger and Enderin. He passionately hates the Greydogs, the Lunars, and the Arnorings, in that order. He can be counted on to support violence against those three groups whenever possible. He participated in Enderin’s cattle raid on the Greydogs in 1616.

At the clan market day in 1616, he quarreled with Dargol Clayhands, whose uncle had killed Alric’s cousin Rangstan. Armin Pot-thrower tried to use the conflict to resolve the whole feud between the clans, but Alric declared that he would never accept any compensation except blood and the effort to resolve the feud collapsed


Alric Dogsbane

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