Aldwulf Plowstrong

Former Clan Plowman


Aldwulf Plowstrong is a priest of Barntar the Plowman, and oversees all the farming on the tula. He is a tremendously hardworking man, and he drinks and plays hard too. He is known for getting drunk and challenging people to a wrestling match; he once wrestled a charging bull to the ground with his bare hands. He’s also somewhat impetuous and hotheaded, like many in his bloodline. He’s vehemently anti-Lunar and argued aggressively for supporting Starbrow’s Rebellion. When people point out that Snorri was right to keep the clan out of the rebellion, Aldwulf always replies that had the Orlmarth supported Starbrow, the rebellion might have turned out better.

A few years ago, his brother Godric persuaded the clan ring to give Aldwulf Hrut Ramshead’s seat on the clan ring. Aldwulf always supports his brother in debates. But in 1616, Hrut persuaded a majority of the ring that Voriof was angry with the clan about his removal, and so was restored to the ring.

He is opposed to allowing Piku to reside on the clan tula.


Aldwulf Plowstrong

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