To Stand Against the Red Moon

To Kill the Red Bear

Earth Season 1616

Word spread that Enderin and the Redleafs raided the Greydogs and came away with a dozen cattle. Gordanger was obviously proud of his son and threw a feast to celebrate it. He granted Enderin half the cattle that had been stolen.

Yaneg, Yanioth, and Tryggvi spoken with Asbjorn and Finna about killing the Red Bear, which they had promised to do. Tryggvi worried about the repercussions from Kangharl, but they decided that keeping their promise to kill it mattered more.

They decided that the best option would be to find a way to lure it onto the Orlmarth tula and kill it as vengeance for the slaying of Eoric Cat-master a generation ago. But they didn’t know how to do that. Asbjorn snuck them to see Old Man Willow, a nature spirit that dwells in the Taraling forests. After a blood sacrifice, Old Man Willow told them that the Bear was a spirit made flesh, that it could not be harmed by mundane weapons or elemental magic, and that if it wasn’t killed ‘enough’, it would return. It likes the flesh of pigs.

They went to Orkansakt the Fat, the Enjossi shaman. He agreed to help them in exchange for a favor later on. He told them that because the Bear was connected to the Red Moon, it might return unless they killed it enough. He gave them a charm that would ensure that if they roasted a pig, the Bear would smell it and come to them.

So they roasted a pig on the edge of the tula and when the Bear appear, Yaneg and Yanioth fought it. At first it seemed that the Bear would win, but after several good rolls and hero point expenditures, they killed it and scored a substantial Parting Shot on it, hopefully ensuring that the Bear was dead for good. They skinned the Bear and presented the skin to Gordanger, who hung it in the clan hall.



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