To Stand Against the Red Moon

The Draugr and Humakt, Raven, and Wolf

Early in Fire Season, 1616,

Early in Fire Season, 1616, Yaneg encountered a dragonewt on Illuvan’s Roofbeam. The dragonewt insisted that “you have me” and it wanted itself back. Yaneg was unable to understand what it was demanding. It entered the tula and went to Old Man Village, where Sindri realized that it was the dragonewt whose skin he had made into armor. The two of them fought and during the fight Sindri used the Eye of the Half-bird to look into the Otherworld, where it saw the dragonewt with a chain of other dragonewts behind it. He used his sword to sever the dragonewt in the Otherworld, at which point the dragonewt stopped fight, thanked him, and slit its own throat.

A few days later a clan moot got off to a contentious start. Then Morganeth Whiteye entered, saying that Orane’s Spindle had been stolen from the Loom House. A trio of draugr (independent undead) and crowd of zombies entered the hall and had to be violently repulsed. Snorri recognized them as Heodan, an Orlmarthing warrior from a generation ago, Kirnan, a Hiording chieftain, and Dorasa, Kiran’s daughter. Hoedan and Dorasa had an ill-fated love that had led Heodan and Kirnan and their supporters to fight to the death in the Upland Marsh. Their fight triggered the feud between the Orlmarthins and the Hiordings. The clear implication was that draugr had stolen the Spindle, which was badly needed for the upcoming Mahomravrand ritual, without which the peace of the clan is jeopardized.

Yaneg, Sindri and Tryggvi traveled to Swan and spoke to the Hiording clan ring, including Skallagrim Grimsson and his Trickster bondsman Cerdic the Liar. The PCs suspected that perhaps the Hiordings had somehow redirected the draugr assault from their clan to the Orlmarthings. The Hiordings agreed to provide warriors to fight the draugrs, if the PCs could find where the draugrs lay.

Snorri suggested that the PCs do the Humakt, Raven, and Wolf hero quest. They learned the myth from Farangelder the Honest, but had to promise to support them in a raid into the Marsh (adding the suggestion that it be a raid to destroy Horalin, the corrupted dryad who is the mother of the blackthorn trees).

So the three of them went to Indrodar’s Necklace at the Six Stones Temple and entered the hero plane. The fought a group of dog-headed men and struggled through a smothering fog. Then they found an inviting shelter where the spirit Sartalla offered them comfort; Sindri and Tryggvi refused the offer, but Yaneg accepted and fell out of the quest (he appeared at the Ernalda temple in Runegate, where he had a long conversation with Kallvale the Sow before returning to the Orlmarthings.) Then Tryggvi and Sindri found Raven. Tryggvi fought Wolf, won a Great Leap ability from him, and acquired Raven as a follower.



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