To Stand Against the Red Moon

The Doom of the Antorlings

Fire Season 1616

At the Antorling tula, after Sindri made his pronouncement of the Doom of the Antorlings, Theomakt the Clan Champion accused Cwenalda Brown Hare of worshipping chaos. The Brown Hares stormed out. Rangdan left for Clearwing Fort to fetch Howling Aethelmar, a Uroxi of the Narri clan who sits on the tribal ring. Sindri used his Raven spirit to find the recent dead, and the spirit discovered a tunnel into the ground on a remote part of the tula.

Eventually, Sindri, Tryggvi, Asta, and Yanioth went into the tunnel, along with Theomakt and the Antorling thanes, where they discovered a network of tunnels running under the tula. These tunnels were artificially made from strange unnatural stone. As they explored, they were attacked by a swarm of faceless six-legged chaos creatures. They drove the creatures off and decided to exit the tunnels.

They figured out that one of the tunnels led to the Brown Hare tula. Maelwynn wanted to search the Brown Hare stead but everyone waited until Rangdan returned with Aethelmar. At the Brown Hare stead, someone discovered a small shrine to the chaos demons hidden in the rafters of the cowbarn. Aethelmar declared that he could sense chaos and went berserk, killing several Brown Hares before Asta forced him out of his frenzy. Maelwynn declared that there was enough evidence to outlaw the Brown Hares and drive them from the clan permanently.

But Tryggvi figured out that the true source of corruption on the tula was actually Rangdan, whom the PCs now believe to be a chaos worshipper. Lumpy suggested it was because he was ambitious and wanted to rule the clan. She offered to murder him.

Asta and Yaneg also spoke with Maelwynn about the possibility of performing the Orlanth Forms the Storm Tribe quest, in an attempt to overcome the disunity of the clan.



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