To Stand Against the Red Moon

Rumors 7

Redleaf: I didn’t like that market Gordanger allowed. That godless sorcerer and those useless Arnorings selling their wares side by side? What is the clan coming to these days?
Grettiring: Yeah, I wasn’t happy about that either, but there were some Ernaldori and Enhyli who came to trade, and they bought some of my wool. So it wasn’t all bad.
Redleaf: Hmmphf! We don’t need a sorcerer or a bunch of potters to sell our wool. Snorri predicted that we’d be dealing with bad guests, and this is what he meant.
Grettiring: Yeah, I’ve wondered about that too.
Redleaf: And did you hear that Lunar missionaries have been active among them? I’ve heard that Armin is considering converting to the Lunar way!

“Have you seen the way that Vaninna has been carrying on with Rangoon! It’s shameless! Everyone knows they’re trysting together. It’s a wonder that Ernalda hasn’t cursed us yet.


Just for clarification – The lunar missionaries are in the Arnorings, correct?

Rumors 7

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