To Stand Against the Red Moon

More Dealing with the Konthasos and Antorlings

Fire Season 1616

Tryggvi, Asta, and Sindri spoke with Snorri and his wife Morwynn. Morwynn told them that when the Antorlings were formed, it was a union of six separate bloodlines that had lost their clans. The founder, Antorlan, promised each bloodline would always have a seat on the clan ring, something that periodically caused disputes within the clan when someone stepped down from the ring.

She also said that Antorlan performed the Orlanth Forms the Storm Tribe quest to strengthen clan unity. For generations, every new chieftain performed the quest to renew the clan unity. But the quest had not been performed for several generations. Morwynn didn’t know why.

The three of them decided to speak with the Antorling ring. They traveled through the Colymar Wilds, but ran into an enormous boar that attacked. Sindri slew it, but Asta realized that the boar was sacred to Esrola and that to avoid the wrath of the goddess, it would be necessary to sacrifice it at the Esrola shrine on the Konthasos lands. While there, they encountered Vigundis Winedancer, who told them that she would be willing to ally with the Orlmarth if they would end the alliance with the Antorlings.

They also discussed hero questing with Ingund the White. She offered them some advice about the challenges of doing little-performed quests, including advice about preparatory rituals.

Then they traveled to the Antorling lands. They met Rangdan, who asked Tryggvi if he had reconsidered Rangdan’s quest. Tryggvi looked at his motives and saw that Rangdan was ambitious and had some degree of malice but Tryggvi was shocked to realize that he couldn’t see as much of his motive as he expected.

They met with the Antorling ring, and Asta formally apologized for the offense Tryggvi had caused earlier. Maelwynn accepted the apology and offered them a feast. During the feast, Tryggvi spoke with Cwenalda, the clan’s law speaker and headwoman of the Lunar bloodline. She told him that about 60 years ago, when a Vingan attempted to perform the Orlanth Forms the Storm Tribe quest, she was ambushed by Gagarth the Wild Hunter and lost an eye. Since then, Gagarth has plagued the clan whenever someone attempts that quest. As a result, the clan has ceased to perform it, and their unity has suffered.

Then Sindri decided to use his Sense Doom ability to see if the Antorlings’ doom was close at hand. He stood up in the hall and loudly declared “I see the Doom of the Antorlings. I see corruption from within and evil from below. Beware the Faceless Maw!”



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