To Stand Against the Red Moon

Moot and Market

Earth Season, 1616

Hrut Ramshead approached Yaneg and Gisli seeking support for removing Aldwulf from the ring in favor of Hrut. He argued that Voriof is angry with the clan for removing him from the ring years ago. Yaneg agreed that it was a good idea. They discussed the matter with Snorri, who was noncommittal.

At the c;lan moot, there was much anger about the decision to outlaw Orlanth. Savan Thundermaker predicted the doom of the gods and men, but said that since the clan worships Orlanth in the Starfire Ridges, which the Lunars cannot safely enter.

Hurt challenged Aldwulf. Urged by Tryggvi, Morganeth prophesied the consequences of returning Hrut to the ring. “I see fine rich flocks and blood in abundance. I see feuds unresolved and blood in abundance. I see great deeds done as wedding gifts.” Eventually, Snorri supported Hrut and Aldwulf was removed from the ring.

Alric Dogsbane opposed ending the feud with the Arnorings, arguing that the clan should raid them instead. Morganeth suggested that the Arnoring would be helpful allies in trying to unseat Kangharl.

Before the issue could be decided, Darsten Black-oak burst into the clan hall, and demanded the return of the skin of the Red Bear, threatening war to get it back. Tryggvi realized that either the Taralings or the Lunars want the skin for something, so the clan refused to give it, arguing that the Bear had been killed on the Orlmarth tula in accordance with the law. After Darsten left, Savan suggested dedicating the skin to Orlanth at the Thunder Stones in the Starfire Ridges, where the Lunars couldn’t easily get it.

A week later, the clan held its market day. Tryggvi had a conversation with Sora Goodseller, who gave him news and then called in the favor he owed her. showing him a an old book with no writing it in. He realized that the book had been ruined by Attar the Eater of Knowledge, part of the chaotic god Thanatar. She gave him the book.

Armin Pot-thrower showed up with other Arnorings and a wagon-load of pots. During the market, Alric quarreled with one of the Arnorings, Dargol Clayhands, whose uncle had killed Alric’s cousin Rangstan. Alric wounded Dargol and demanded blood or compensation. Enderin supported him in this.

Armin offered to end the feud between the two clans, rolling the compensation for Rangstan into the deal, or else tell people that the Orlmarth market is dangerous. It nearly worked until Tryggvi got frustrated that Armin was haggling too much over the price. He blurted out that Armin had orchestrated this whole thing, bringing Dargol to the market to provoke one of the Hengistings in order to create a pressing reason to resolve the feud. Alric and Enderin were outraged, declaring that they would never accept anything other than blood for Rangstan. The Arnorings left quickly.

Word came a few weeks later that the Arnorings had accepted the Lunar Way.



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