To Stand Against the Red Moon

Into the Marsh

Sea Season 1616

Asta was contacted by Armin Pot-Thrower, who told the PCs that he had information to trade, in exchange for a promise to attend the Arnoring Pot-Making Festival. They agreed, and Armin’s foster-daughter Godfreya Spacklewing told them that the elves of Yellowflower Isle wanted to meet them for some reason.

Godfreya helped the PCs get to the Marsh, aided by Oswald Bluedrake, a Humakti duck, who helped them fight past a group of zombies. On the island, an elf spoke with them and told them not to reforge the Summer Sword. He said his lady Hawise would tell them more if they killed the Bronze Skeleton that Delecti had sent to cut down the trees on the island.

Sindri and Tryggvi found the skeleton, armed with an axe enchanted to kill plants. They fought it, and Sindri was forced to invoke the Sword God feat to defeat it. Afterwards, he melted down the bones to keep Delecti from re-creating it. Then Hawise met with them and told them that Delecti wishes the Summer Sword reforged because he is immune to its curse of betrayal, since as an Undead being, he exists in a state of betrayal already. So to him, it would simply be a very powerful weapon. She also said that her mother Horalin was corrupted by Delecti and is now the source of the Blackthorn trees that Delecti uses to expand the Marsh. Sindri said that he would like to learn how to destroy the trees and perhaps free Horalin, and Hawise agreed that if that could be accomplished, she would be grateful.

After returning to Orlmarth, the three of them went to the Pot-Making Festival. Tryggvi saw a vision of Pella the Pot-maker with six intact pots and six broken pots. He speculated that this might be a bad omen for the tribe. Asta spoke with a member of the Konthasos clan. She learned that Ingund the White, the clan’s Chalanan, wishes to end the feud the clan has with the Antorling clan. The Antorlings recently cursed the clan’s vineyards. She also learned that generations ago, the Orlmarthings cursed the Konthasos clan lands as well.


What is a clan Chalanan? Is that a shaman or a leader or what?

Into the Marsh

A Chalanan is a worshipper of Chalana Arroy, the goddess of healing and mercy. Not all clans have a Chalanan, because her worshippers are pacifists. The Orlmarth do not have a Chalanan. They mostly depend for healing magics on Ernalda.

Into the Marsh

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