To Stand Against the Red Moon

Helping the Antorlings

Fire Season 1616

After telling Snorri and Gordanger that they suspect that Rangdan is a chaos-worshipper, the PCs spoke with Yanioth, who told them that if they wanted to find a worshipper of Ernalda the Earth Cleanser, they should look at the Greenstone Temple in the Orleving lands. They spoke with Vigundis WInedancer, who pressed them to abandon the alliance with the Antorlings and ally with the Konthasos instead. Then they went to the Antorling tula, where they discovered that the ring was quarreling about who to appoint as Lawspeaker. Rangdan’s cousin was the most appropriate candidate, since he worships Lankhor Mhy, but Theomakt wanted his brother, who was clearly unsuitable, and Maelwynn proposed the Plowman’s cousin. The ring asked for their help to resolve the dispute, and the PCS proposed that Sindri would sever the blood ties of whomever was chosen. Rangdan argued that was excessive.



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