To Stand Against the Red Moon

Ghosts of the Ridge

Sea Season 1617

Yaneg, Yanioth, and Veslmus were patrolling the Starfire Ridges when they were confronted by what turned out to be the ghosts of the Vostangi. The Vostangi demanded vengeance for their deaths centuries ago at the hands of Mad Ovad, a chieftain of the Hillhavens back during the Settlement Period. They claimed that he had summoned chaotic spirits of disease to destroy them. The PCs somewhat reluctantly accepted the obligation to perform vengeance.

After discussion with Gordanger, Snorri, and Tryggvi, it was clear there were two options: open warfare or a lawsuit with the PCs as the plaintiffs acting on behalf of the Vostangi. Warfare seemed unwise, given the fact that the Hillhavens are known for their spirit magic. A lawsuit would have to be heard by Kangharl (who is hostile to the Orlmarth), Thanos (who is likely to be biased toward the Hillhavens), Temertain (who would probably have to be bribed heavily to give a favorable ruling), or a holder of the Lawstaff.

The PCs went to Jonstown to find Minaryth Purple, the only known living holder of the Lawstaff. He turned out to not be present, but Tryggvi was able to find some info about the quest in the Jonstown Library.

While they were there, Yaneg found Muirwynn Lovejoy and asked her about the gossip she had heard, and Tryggvi found Sora Goodseller and did the same. Then they discovered that Gisli was missing. They gradually tracked him down, discovering that he had purchased an expensive necklace, wooed a young woman to marry him, and commissioned a substantial feast, using his Lie ability to get people to agree to accept payment from Yaneg. With some trouble, they were able to extricate themselves from the debts and dragged Gisli back to Old Man Village, threatening to have Yanioth castrate him. But he talked his way out to that punishment, with Yaneg agreeing to tie him up and have people throw vegetables at him while Yaneg was off on the quest for the Lawstaff.

At a clan meeting, Enderin objected to the idea of doing a quest, and argued for open warfare. But Yaneg convinced the clan to support Tryggvi’s performance of the quest.



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