To Stand Against the Red Moon

Fighting the Draugr

Start of Fire Season 1616

In 1616, after Sindri and Tryggvi returned to the Six Stones Temple, having successfully completed the Humakt, Raven and Wolf Quest, there were only four days left before Mahomravrand, when Orane’s Spindle was needed to help hold the clan together. So the two of them set out with Yaneg and Yanioth to find the place where the draugr were buried.

They traveled to the Marshedge tula, where they met with Alfgar the Grim, the clan chieftain. After some discussion of their plans to try to cleanse Horalin and destroy the Blackthorn trees, he agreed to provide them with guides to the Marsh in exchange for a small payment.

Using Sindri’s new Raven spirit, they found the location of the battlefield and confronted the draugr, as well as the spirit of the Blackthorn tree. Although Sindri was defeated, Tryggvi was able to use his Know Weakness ability to learn how to permanently slay the three draugr, and they were able to do so. After Yanioth chopped down the tree, they found Orane’s Spindle tangled in its roots. They returned home and the clan was able to perform the proper rituals just in time.

Then they went to Swan and negotiated with the clan ring of the Hiordings to bring an end to the feud with between their two clans.

Tryggvi discovered the myth of Ernalda and the Cleansing Earth in his Book of Myths.


So this was a pretty good scene for us – Sindri used the fruits of his recent heroquest to hunt down the vile creatures and fell in battle honourably, Yanioth disposed of a horde of zombies and sent the corrupted dryad to her final rest, Tryggvi bravely used his magic to wrest the crucial knowledge we needed from the Draugrs at great personal risk, and Yaneg struck the blows that killed all three of the beasts and retrieved the spindle from where they had hidden it, flying back to the tula in the nick of time to return the clan treasure and save the day. Even Gisli acquitted himself reasonably well.

We completed a heroquest, and (mostly) cleansed the name of one of our ancestors, a clan champion. We saved a key clan ritual, paving the way for peace and holding the clan together. Oh, and we laid the groundwork for good relations with one clan and successfully brought an end to a feud with another, two more steps toward uniting the Colymar clans.

Isn’t this the shit that makes the ancestors happy and that they write tavern songs about? I ask because one of the things I did with my catch up points was to bump up my mysterious tattoo, and I think everyone should get a point or two specifically to put there after a subplot like this is completed. As I understand it, those tattoos are connected to whatever destiny we have, and I think they should get stronger the closer we get to bringing that destiny to fruition. And does vanquishing such foes, saving the clan and strengthening our ties to our neighbors bring us closer to it? I should think so! I figure word is going to get out and it’s going to make us targets anyway, so we may as well get something out of it. I’m hoping that once they are strong enough to be useful (i.e. our destiny has some momentum built up behind it) we will be able to start bidding our tattoos to help augment other skills.


Fighting the Draugr

Ok, thats a fair point. The tattoo is a bit more complicated than that, but you’re right that you did touch on something the tattoo is connected to. So it’s reasonable to give you all a point in it.

Fighting the Draugr

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