To Stand Against the Red Moon

Dealing with the Antorlings and Konthasos

Early in 1617, word reached the Orlmarth that the Greydogs have been having trouble with Dragonewts raiding their herds. Also, the Holy Country seems to be descending into political chaos after the apparent destruction of the Pharaoh.

Tryggvi, Yaneg, and Yanioth took a trip for peace-making purposes. They stopped at Clearwine Temple where they met with Yanioth Brandgorsdottir. Tryggvi told her the myth of Ernalda and the Cleansing Earth, and they learned that it had a couple of important differences from the version of the myth that the Temple knew. Yanioth said that the quest had always been regarded as quite dangerous because many questers had failed to return from it, but Tryggvi’s version offered details that might make it safer to perform.

They discovered that Balthid, a member of the Antorling clan was spying on the Temple, because her bloodline had converted to the Lunar Way several years previously. They warned the Temple about this.

They continued on to the Konthasos lands, where they briefly met with Vigundis Winedancer and then had a more substantial talk with Ingund the White.

During that second conversation, the PCs were drawn into a hero quest being performed by Killer Branduan, whom Tryggvi theorized was trying to gain power over dragons to protect his clan from the Dragonewts. Brandaun was performing the How Orlanth Conquered the Stars quest, and the PCs wound up playing the role of Jagrekriand the Red and his companions. Rather than resist the situation, they chose to fight Orlanth/Branduan exactly as the myth said. They were soundly defeated and fell out of the quest.

Then they went to the Antorlings, and learned how poorly united the clan was. Maelwynn Treemother demanded that the Konthasos be excluded from the Orlmarth seasonal market because of their feud, and became upset when Yaneg refused to countenance that. In separate conversations, Rangdan suggested that Gisli Blacksheep could help the clan by murdering Maelwynn. The clan Champion openly mocked her. Lumpy apparently taught Gisli some Eurmali magic by skinning an alynx with him. Eventually, when Tryggvi bluntly confronted Maelwynn about her leadership failures, she revoked her hospitality and threw the PCs out of the hall.



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