This campaign is going to be set in Sartar about a decade after the Lunar conquest of Sartar. The player characters will all be drawn from one household of the Orlmarth clan within the Colymar tribe of Sartar. Major themes of the campaign will include the characters’ relationships within the Orlmarth clan, the Orlmarth clan’s relationships with its neighboring clans, and the Orlmarth’s relationship with the hated occupying power, the Lunar Empire. This is a tumultuous time in Sartar’s history; while major events are happening in Sartar, the characters’ choices will have a major impact on their clan’s situation and perhaps on the kingdom of Sartar and the Lunar Empire.

Players will be able to use this page for things between campaign sessions. They may go to the Adventure Log and read summaries of previous adventures, as well as rumors that circulate between seasons.

They may go to the Forum page to post IBTs. As In-Between-Time actions, PCs may have conversations with each other. Depending on the circumstances at the end of the session, they may talk to anyone in their present location, may explore their present location, and may travel up to a day’s journey away from their present location to speak to people and explore. If players are at the Orlmarth tula, the following locations are within one day’s travel: anywhere on the Orlmarth tula, Greydog Village, Swordvale, Hillhaven Village, Clearwine Fort, Clearwine Temple, Asbjorn’s Stead on the Taraling tula, Armin’s Stead on the Arnoring tula, Swan on the Hiording tula, and Quackford. Travel into hostile tulas (Greydog Village, Armin’s Stead, the Hiording tula, the Taraling tula) is risky. In theory, the Colymar Wilds, home to the Blackspear clan, and Tarndisi’s Grove are also within a day’s journey, but travel through the Colymar Wilds is quite dangerous and not to be done as an IBT.

Journeys of more than a day or so may be possible in some situations. Journeys that will take a character away from the clan tula for more than a week or so require the permission of a member of the clan ring. However, Tryggvi may travel to Jonstown and Sindri may travel to Six Stones because of their devotee status.

PCs who do an IBT action will earn 1 Hero Point, if the action is substantial. Players may also conduct discussions between themselves here.

Players may go to the Wiki Page to see the various locations, items, and groups they know about. On the Wiki page, click on the green See All Entries button on the right side of the screen and browse the lists.

On the Character’s page, players may browse an index of all the NPCs they have encountered (those who have not been encountered by at least one PC are not listed).

To Stand Against the Red Moon

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